There's been a lot of blue going around this house lately.
George's beach collection candles
I know it has to do with the season and the warm weather but it also has to do with
something I got recently. Annie Sloan's New Book "Color Recipes for painted furniture".
The night I got it I sat in bed reading the new book as George fell off to sleep,
snoring before I got finished the introduction. I am not a good reader before bed,
but I did managed to get 30 minutes in before falling into dream land.
Only an hour later I woke up again to realize I had been dreaming
about painting all sorts of things in all sorts of colors, especially blue.
There was something about the book that got my mind working on a different level.
So let me suggest if you are looking for a kick in the rear, and jolt of ideas, or simply
want to see Annie's farmhouse in northern France pick up the book.

I recently finished this 1920's antique dresser in colors inspired by our spring bedding.

 Remember inspiration comes from unexpected places, sites, and sounds.

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  1. The color you used is beautiful. Love it. I`m thinking a little bit blue too.

    Have a great day

  2. Have looked through the archives and haven't seen something on this. I know you piecemeal from other pieces to finish a piece but if you have a lock on the piece that has the face missing who do you go to for a source. I have a dresser with a missing lock front (mechanism OK) that I need to replace. Erin (

  3. I've been thinking about purchasing AS newest book. But I rarely buy a book that I haven't at least first looked through - too many disappointments.

    What I am looking for, and hoping this book has it, is a painted color chart (I understand from a review I read that this part of the book has some approx. 23 pages?) that shows her paint colors at 100%, then a 50-50%, 25% and so on. If yes, then this is the book for me.

    I can certainly make a notebook using the colors I have but I can't begin to buy every color she makes...

    Could you please give me/us a report? I'd sure appreciate it. Our
    "local" stock list(a 45 minute drive from me)does not yet carry her book so its mail order or nothing for me right now.

    BTW: I do like the light book color you are showing, Very pretty! I'd love feedback if this color is selling on your area too.

    Thank you!

    Small House / Big Sky Donna
    White Oak Studio Designs / Hand-Painted Vintage Furniture Transformations

  4. I love the blue of the dresser. Such a light, refreshing color. It reminds me of beach glass. Perfect for the warmer weather.

  5. Kristy,

    I love the colors you chose for the chest. As always, great execution. Hope you don't mind, but I just 'had' to Pin It for future reference. You continue to be an inspiration for me!


  6. Love your rocking horse! What a neat piece...Bev

  7. oh the hushed blues! loving!

    visiting via MMS and would love to have you come visit us back

    have a wonderful weekend, lovely blogger.