The Easter bunny has been spotted and so have a new pair of nightstands.

These creamy white nightstands are lightly distressed.

They have 3 good drawers each with vintage metal hardware.


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WHERE DO U GET UR LEGS - nightstand

One question I get asked a lot is "where do you get the legs you add to furniture?"

The answer is everywhere.
Most of my legs are salvaged from other vintage pieces but sometimes
I can find new legs at Hardware stores. Legs can be cut from bed posts,
pillars, table legs, and chairs.

I only take legs from pieces that are not worth keeping together.

I bought this chair just before I got sick and planned to show you how to take it apart for all the
 useful parts. That plan went out the window with the oncoming fever I was sporting a few hours later.

I knew I wanted it just for parts, and look at the stained underside of the
chair who wants to work closely reupholstering that.

I was able to use both the front and back legs from the chair for this nightstand.

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GETTING BACK TO WORK - white table & bread box

I can't believe what this flu has put me through in the last 2 weeks.
I have never experienced anything like it before and do not wish it upon anyone else.
I'm still sick and napping several times a day, but the projects have started again. 
I'm taking it easy doing up some small stuff and simpler painting projects.

This table needed repairs, cleaning, and a new paint job
I could manage that.

It has a rustic white finish with a wax top coat.

It can be used in many different places in your home,
bedside table, extra kitchen surface, desk, front entry, laundry room, the list goes on. 

Another project I tackled was a bread box.

I found this one on our Thrift Shop Hop last week.
I painted it a creamy white and added a fresh bread daily graphic to the door.


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The flu came to visit, introduced it's self to George, they chatted a bit and left him alone.
The next evening in the late hours of night it came back to have a word with me, I must have lipped it off cause the damn thing took hold of me and abused me in every way imaginable for the next 11 days, which brings us to today *MY BIRTHDAY*.
 My eyes are still weeping, I sound like a hyena, and I'm regularly medicating myself just to
get to the next cat nap. I have not been able to work or blog, even sitting reading emails has
been difficult. I'm afraid this was my bodies way of saying "you should have gone on vacation"
I do have another simple applique trick that I have been wanting to show you and the photos
have been sitting here waiting.
Think about all those decorative shower curtain hooks you see at thrift stores.
I twisted the metal hook out of the resin shape, some broke in half so I glued them back together.
Once glued onto your furniture project and painted they don't resemble shower hooks at all.

I do not recall ever being this sick.
Projects will slowly get back on track soon and so will the blogging
George has done a fine job of taking care of me
and I can't wait to see what brings home for my birthday gift!
Yes honey ... that's pressure!!!!

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WEATHERED WHITE WASH LINK - silvered console

This chandelier was a donation from someone hoping I could do some magic with it.
It is in quite bad repair, bent metal, frayed wires, and rusty bits yet has a certain appeal.
Shortly after it came home and I sprayed it down with the garden hose I knew I wanted to
use it in styling a photo.
This whole console was painted in layers. My focus through winter has been to play
with my paint finishes more and I'm having fun doing it, sort of. Finding the right balance
of color to enhance shape and technics to achieve age aren't always easy.
 Besides I just don't have the space to do
all the demo and rebuilt I like to in my little back room.

I sprayed the entire table in FRENCH LINEN. It's a strong grey with just a hint of green.
I then brush painted the base and column legs in OLD WHITE
before distressed it back to the FRENCH LINEN and the darker wood underneath.

The top was the fun part and it is actually darker in person than these photos!
I worked with streaking white and grey and dark wax
over and over until I got a natural sun weathered warn board look.
I do have a popular tutorial on achieving a similar weathered white wash finish here.
It's an older post using primer but there are some valuable tips that can be applied to
similar applications.

Here is the before and after photos ...

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DREAMING OF THE SEASIDE - blue console table

I'm certainly in the mood for a vacation it seems.
Dreaming of the blue ocean waters, the sound of the shore birds, and my favorite sea shells.

So instead of packing our bags I'm painting and decorating in the seaside cottage theme.

This table and clock shown below were both painted in custom mixed blues
over a chippy white finish. The base color is ASCP Provence with whites and browns added.

To achieve a similar look:
you need a good thick white paint layer base (dry)
then chip large areas of the white off with a metal tool creating potholes in the finish
metal chips paint well

Once you have a horrible looking cow patchwork of missing white paint
cover that with your blue color and once dry sand back the areas you chipped the white away
this will highlight the potholes and show the surrounding edge in a halo of white
giving you a pretty time warn, beach weathered feel.

The table is just deep enough to use as a laptop desk or
placed in your front entry to make an overwhelming statement everytime you walk in. 

Here are some unique hardware pieces available at


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