Happy birthday month of March. I first heard about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint while on our birthday
 vacation in Florida 2 years ago. Both George and I have the pleasure of celebrating our birthdays this
 month. Unfortunately this year we can't afford to vacation so we'll be partying with friends &
 family here at home. Being in Canada and on the west coast it took a while for ASCP to get here, but
 as soon as it arrived at my local stockist's shop in Langley I purchased a can and tried it right away.
*********  I WAS SKEPTICAL!  **********
As the word was spreading about this magic paint on-line and with bloggers I was then receiving emails asking if I had tried it and what I thought. It was now my responsibility to offer my honest feed back as soon as I could.
Well I have been using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint since Aug 2011, the first day it arrived in British Columbia. Since then I thought I had raved about the paint and everyone knew I used it, however I still get asked what brand of paint I use to achieve these wonderful finishes. Maybe it's because like most of us up here we understate things, in a respectable Canadian way. From the first day I tried Annie Sloan Chalk Paint I left behind regular latex paints and primers. So for those of you who know all about the paint plz bear with me while I make another attempt at raving loud and proud about this fabulous product for those who are still new to ASCP.
Official information directly from Annie Sloan
Chalk Paint® is a unique decorative paint developed by Annie Sloan in 30 decorative and historical
colours made specifically for painting furniture, painting floors, and for giving walls a completely
matt, velvety finish.
When Annie Sloan developed her signature range of decorative paint, Chalk Paint®, in 1990, she
revolutionised the way we see decorative painting. She called her paint Chalk Paint® because of its
 velvety, matt finish. And if you add Annie Sloan Soft Wax, you can achieve subtle sheen as well as
protection and durability.

Chalk Paint® sticks to just about any surface... wood, concrete, metal, matt plastic, earthenware and
 much more, inside and outside the home. It dries fast too so you can add second or third coats
quickly, and start enjoying your revitalised walls, floors and furniture sooner. Gorgeous results have
 never been so simple and straightforward.

My official interpretation:
This paint is sooo much fun to use and extremely versatile.
Did you notice that little *R* in a circle right after the words CHALK PAINT?
That's a registered trademark. It was developed over 20 years ago in the UK with standing the test of
time and Annie's children, which adds to my confident using it on projects being offered to clients.
And it really does stick to just about everything. I haven't shown you yet but I painted the front face
of our harvest gold bathtub last August and it's holding up just like the day I did it. In the time I
have been working with ASCP I haven't even scratch the surface of all the ideas, colors, and projects
 I want to attempt with this paint.


I enjoy the creative process of building and refurbishing furniture so in reality the painting is the final
 step to what I do and having a product that is so fun and easy to use is a blessing. I tend to use a lot
of Annie Sloan's white paint because in these here parts everyone is still wanting their own little
piece of shabby chic furniture, but as time goes by I look forward to painting with all of the colors available.
Recently I purchased a new to me color, FRENCH LINEN and used it along with Pure White
on this thrift store desk. It reminds me of our west coast decor style, classic, subtle, and organic.
I added 4 heavy smooth black iron pulls and 1 fancy iron pull on the center drawer.
She also rides on mini vintage casters and has a good size chair opening for this style of desk.

 The top of the desk was stripped and stained with my all time favorite stain color,
Kona made by Varathane.

If you are interested in seeing ASCP colors in use on different projects I have started a pinterest board with photos from all over the internet finished in different ASCP colors available:


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