HELLO BIRDIE - hand made clock

I built this clock from scrap wood and used parts from a broken thrift store clock.

Every time I started to work on this clock I ran into another issue.
I had to let the wood acclimatize, drilling out a washer, figure out the batteries
I was using were almost dead, to deciding to re-painting over the first image I didn't like.

There are all sorts of bird images on the internet to take inspiration from and work
with so keep looking till you find the one that makes you happy. In the end I'm over
joyed with this handsome cutie that I hand painted in Emperors Silk.
Not every projects works the first, second, or even third time I try it but I'm always up for the challenge. Think about this simple little clock and the weeks of trouble I had before giving
up on a project, rethink it, walk away if need be, but make sure to try again. 
P.S. I will not be teaching you how to build a clock!
I do not have enough experience or patience for it.

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  1. hello Kristy ... I love your clock. I think I saw an old clock at the Thrift with number like this ... Why did I not buy it? Always need numbers.
    Is the redbird hand-painted or a transfer? Really, really think it is worth all the trouble. Thanks for sharing.
    Audrey Z.

  2. Luv, luv, luv that clock! The touch of red just makes it so cheery and bright.

    Dang, I want too!!!

  3. Beautiful clock. You are so creative to think of harvesting the numbers off the thrift clock. Wish my brain worked that way.




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