So let's talk chairs! 
Calling all local bloggers,
and I especially mean ....
reach into your bag of tricks and see what you can do to help
this event become a bigger success the second time around.
I know you all have a chair you can get your hands on and
make it over for this charity event.
 How about ....
maybe a desk chair                                       a turquoise chair

a little vintage chenille chair                             black and white chair

 a little burlap                                           a numbered chair

 a toile chair                                                      jack chair
For those considering to attend this live auction to bid on your very own remade chair
this is the chair I won last year and George has been enjoying ever since.
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  1. An absolutely phenomenal idea. I wish I lived close enough to participate. I loved all the pictures of the variety of chars. Good luck with this great endeavor.

  2. Love this idea! I definitely have a chair in mind that I can donate!!!


  3. Catherine, you stole the words out of my mouth! I, too, wish I lived close enough to participate! A fantastic idea - perhaps we will have to adopt it here, in Peterborough, ON!

    Best wishes!

  4. Good luck on the auction! it is a wonderful idea


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