#3 VENEER - repairing bubbles

Here's the third article of the VENEER series.
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This article I will show you how to get
bubbled surface veneer glued back down.

For these repairs you will need 3 items,
your wood glue, a shape utility knife, and a heavy weight.

In most cases you can see where the veneer has
bubbled or lifted but running your hand over the
surface will also help find areas you don't see.

You have to get the glue underneath your
veneer somehow. The next step is the scary one.

Use your SHARP utility knife to cut a slice into the bubble.
Use a SHARP knife and cut in the direction the grain runs.


Apply your glue getting into the cut and under the bubble.

You can squish it underneath the veneer with your finger,
you can use air to blow it under the edges, use gravity and
 turn the piece so the glue runs underneath. Do whatever you
 can think of just be delicate with the edges of the cut veneer.

Wipe up any excess glue with a damp cloth.

Now weigh your repair down.
Below you can see I used a cast iron urn (heavy) on a flat
 board, I even used a small bit of folded sandpaper right over 
the glued spot as a pressure point.

** MINI TIP **

Wax paper won't stick to glue well.
It is a good buffering material to use
between your repair and any clamps or weights you use.

Thanks for following along with my VENEER series

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