DELFTWARE POTTERY CABINET - handpainted washstand

I definitely had some fun working with this antique washstand.

And absolutely love the Delftware Pottery look I was able to create on the face of it.

The email I received regarding its original condition talked about the evil hound puppy chew marks,
along with the split and peeling veneer.
I welcome a challenge!

I think I strive harder for the really bad ones to come out more amazing than even I think is possible.

There was extensive veneer damage to the top that could have been fixed but I opted for
another solution this time, and since I'm doing the veneer series I thought I would share this tip.

Rather than take on the more than a dozen veneer repairs I chose the lesser of two evils
and turned the top over, filling the screw holes and fixed only 1 veneer spot.

The under side of many tops are usually in better shape
and every now and then the routered edge works in your favor,
so do not rule out this option.

Now on to the cabinet.

The 4 knobs are made of ceramic and have a beautiful cobalt blue floral design.

The blue printed paper which complements the design also
was actually loose drawer liners found in another vintage piece I had acquired awhile back.
They were in new condition so I kept them hidden away for the right project.

The color is a Pure & Old white mix and the hand painted design is Napoleonic Blue, all ASCP.

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