I thought this dresser looked very Spanish these four arches across the front,
so I nicknamed it the Spanish Console.

It almost looks like 12 small drawers but it really is only 6 drawers, 3 on each side.
I changed the original hardware for mini ceramic knobs hand made in India.

I opened the center up for a shelf by taking out 3 center drawers and painting inside.
I worked on this piece in sections and over a few weeks because I'm very limited with space
so it is hard for me to work on a piece that is 71" long effectively.

I added wonderful large loft style castors so it would move easy and look great.

I saved the warm walnut finish on top and found a matching shelf for inside.

It was used as a TV console before I got it so the transformation into a Media Center only made sense.

BEFORE                                            AFTER
I don't have a loft space to photograph it in but try to imagine how magnificent it would be
in that kind of home.

Here are some unique hardware pieces available at


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