HOW TO RE-PURPOSE OLD FURNITURE - two matching display cabinets

I call them "The Nouveau Brothers" because
they are twins and I added a little art deco
styling to them. I built these cabinet using
all re-purposed parts from different
unwanted pieces of furniture. But the
inspiration that started them off was found
in a very unique pieces of furniture.

I purchased this dresser from an auction (below left) about 9 months earlier.
It looked like a dresser when I was bidding on it but come to find out it was 2 little
sets of drawers stacked and only attached at the back with wood braces (below right).

These 2 short little pieces started my brain thinking. 4 months later I came up with a plan
to use them as the base to 2 matching cabinets. And I must add when you re-purpose furniture
and you only build with recycled items, finding multiples of what you need is not easy.
Here is a look at the BEFORE & AFTERS of many of the things that made it all come together.

Strange Little Dressers

Shelves came from a bookcase headboard

Curved tops came from another headboard

Bed slats for shelves & Bed rails for shelf walls 

 Reclaimed Glass Doors from a Hutch 

Cast Iron Stove Legs

 Wood handles from an old dresser

and finally Chair Arms for something fancy

I want to thank everyone who continues to support me and let you know
I couldn't do this without your wonderful comments and encouraging words!


Lastly here are some updates of treasures that can be found at


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