MULTIPLES AND NINE MONTHS - matching book shelves

Here is the recap I promised of all the different parts that went into this very long project.

Let me start by saying when you re-purpose furniture and you are firm on only building
with recycled items, finding multiples of what you need is not easy.

I acquired the base cabinets for this project about 9 months ago at the auction.
It looked like a dresser when I was bidding on it but come to find out it was 2 little
sets of drawers stacked and only attached at the back with wood braces. (see photos above)

4 months later I devised the plan but like many things that take 9 months it was
difficult, sometimes painful, and seemed like it would never end.

Strange Little Dressers

Shelves made from a bookcase headboard

Curved tops made from another headboard

Footboard side walls and bed slats for more shelving

 Glass Hutch Doors


Cast Iron Stove Legs

 Handles from an old dresser

and finally Chair Arms for something fancy

I want to thank everyone who continues to support me and let you know
I couldn't do this without your wonderful comments and encouraging words!


Lastly here are just a few updates of treasures that can be found at



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  1. Good grief~no wonder it took so long! You must have the patience of Job to search out all those individual parts. I can emphatically state that I will NEVER do such a project, LOL. My method is to buy something, see what I have around the house or in the scrap bin to "fix it up" and go from there. Which explains why my projects are most definitely not in the same league as yours. Just a beautiful job you did on these, kudos!

  2. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR !!.....this is the most amazing thing. You and yours just blow my skirt up with all the beautiful furniture you make. Just amazing.
    xo bj

  3. Kristy, If no one has ever told you this, than I am going too. You are amazing my dear, alot of people say they upcycle furniture because they paint a dresser or too, myself included in that list. But you are the queen or upcyclers, who else would have used all those parts or even thought of using those parts. You have such vision and you are so talented, I am in awe of the things you create, I really am.
    Amazing Amazing going back to look at that post again for the third time now.
    ps I just ordered 2 frames from George, I have the same ones in my bedroom and I painted the inside with chalkboard paint and put our intials in them. A friend keeps trying to steal them lol Now I can make her some. hugs Tobey (I bow to you, oh queen of upcyclers)

  4. I know I've said it before, but you're fekkin' brilliant! I would never think to put all those pieces together! You ARE the queen of upcycling.

  5. If you remember a comment I made in a guest post about being "smacked silly" by some bloggers, you were one of those it referred too. Might only be one other one now that I think of it. When you put pieces together it smacks me silly girl.


  6. Those look amazing! I wish I could hire you to build me furniture.

  7. OMG! You know that I am a fan of yours, but I just have to stop and say, you are not only a carpenter, painter of furniture, restorer, etc. but you are a top #1 ARTEEST!
    Your art form comes forth in each and every piece, and I can tell that your love for what you do, is included in each and every piece. The Noveau Brothers are just the show case for all your talents, and even though it was a challenge to you, I have a feeling that you do you best work with a challenge. I just wish I had some money, because there have been 4-5 pieces of yours that I would have purchased in a heart beat and I want all the rest of them too! Ha Thanks for sharing all this beauty with us and keep up the great talent!

  8. You are blessed with such an eye for design and finding the jewel in the coal! I am in awe, just in awe. Thank you so much for sharing!

  9. unbelievable. You are truly the queen! lol. I would never have thought to do all that. Of course I would never have the patience or vision. Hah. Turned out great.

  10. I absolutely adore these!!! I am floored by the amount of imagination and ingenuity it took to put these together from all that salvaged stuff. I bow to the Queen.

  11. WOW! You are super talented lady! I love these!!

  12. Seriously what you do with these pieces is amazing. What transformations I have seen you do since I became a follower. I have a friend who also makes cabinets out of doors, but hands down you win.

  13. You really are creative at putting all those parts together and coming up with something wonderful, it's amazing!