#2 VENEER - rebuilding missing veneer

Here's the second article of the VENEER series.
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This article explains how to fill small areas
of missing veneer for painted furniture

Below is a missing bit of veneer I am going to work on.

I start by sanding any loose bits away.

I made a nice big fat centipede of wood filler.

I gently flatten out the filler, over-filling the area.


I let it harden really good, a whole day worked best.

I needed it to be solid because now I am going to sand it smooth.

I sanded the edges too.

Then I was ready to paint and I was finished.

If you need to fill an area on a piece you are not painting, wood filler does come in different wood
colors or you must fill the area with a new piece of veneer.
Usually that is done by cutting out a squared shape so a
new squared piece of cut veneer will fit snugly.

Thanks for following along with my VENEER series

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