VENEER - rebuilding a delftware cabinet

I want to show you how I rebuild a missing area of veneer
on a newly finished antique cabinet top that has just been finished.

This is the second article of the much anticipated VENEER series.
The first article explained how to deal with edge gluing loose veneer

Below is our missing bit of veneer we are going to work on.

Start by sanding any loose bits away.

Make a nice big fat centipede of wood filler.

GENTLEY flatten out the filler, over-filling the area.

Let this harden really good, a whole day would be best.

You need it to be solid because now your going to sand it smooth.

Sand your edges as well.

Paint and you're finished.

And here is the whole cabinet once finished.

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  1. That is a beautiful piece! I can't believe how simple that was to repair, I would have thought it was ruined. I was very pleased with your post on regluing veneer. I have a piece that I absolutely love, but the veneer is in terrible condition, and I thought it was a case of love it as it is, or toss it. Glad to know I have other options.

  2. Terrific! Thanks SO much for sharing this. :)

  3. That is so pretty with the white and blue!

  4. Good info. That piece is really pretty!

  5. That is so very pretty! Lovely choices!

  6. How would I repair a piece of missing veneer if I plan to stain it rather than paint it?

  7. I really enjoy your blog. You continually amaze me with the awesome pieces of furniture you create from some of this and some of that!

    I'm really glad you are doing this series of posts on veneer. I think you mentioned you are planning to do a post on "bubbled" veneer. I hope so because I have an old washstand that has veneer that has buckled and cracked on the top of the piece. I don't know quite what to do with it. The piece is stained rather than painted and I'd really rather not paint this particular piece if possible. It does have a little missing veneer on top, too. Any hopes for a fix that doesn't involve painting and still ends up looking good?

    I do have another question. Our kitchen drawer fronts have veneered fronts with pieces of the veneer missing. Would you address this the same way as you did the piece of furniture you posted about here? Would it hold up with use of the drawers? I do intend to paint the cabinets. Would it be better just to remove the veneer and paint the drawer fronts?

    Thanks so very much for any advice you are willing to give!!

  8. Gorgeous dresser, love the knobs and the blue, did you paint the blue around the knobs free hand. it really is beautiful, I am in the process of rescuing a veneered piece, this info will help thanks. hugs Tobey

  9. How do you fix a chipped drawer front (the chip or missing piece is about an inch wide and a half inch wide? You can tell that it is missing when the drawer is closed.

  10. again you have given me useful advice...I just got in a piece with one tiny section of veneer missing!! Heading out to Lowes now...thanks K!!

  11. Thanks for a really useful tutorial. Love your rings!

  12. You're just a wealth of information. Thank you for all your tutorials!!!



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