Both of these dressers where curb side finds. They were from different homes
during a community clean up week and understandably destine for the dump.
Not many ppl could or would have wanted to save them, they were that bad.

It is hard to know where to start explaining what happened.
But I will start where you can see there is something wrong.

In this fairy tale picture of the first / white dresser you see no top drawers.
This is correct ... absolutely no drawers or parts could be found in the rest of the rubble pile
during the time I was strapping her to the roof of my SUV and getting hoots and haulers
telling me what a great find I got.
"Ya right buddy get a closer look then tell me that."

I ended up making new drawers!

Okay I did not make brand new ones, that's not what I do here or even what I suggest you do.
I was lucky enough to have some old desk drawers that I was able to make work after cutting.

They were the right height but too long and a bit narrow.

After altering the drawers so they weren't so long I had to remove and replace
the middle supports inside the dresser because the new drawers were narrower.

Get ready for the technical diagrams ...
if you have a short attention span, just like pretty pictures, or simple never plan to do this yourself
 skip past the next 3 images.

The dresser is laying on a table and on it's back to make working inside easier.

You have made it past the how things work section ...
Now enjoy the rest of the pictures.

I also removed and replaced the original vertical divider on the front with something wider.

I promise it really is the same dresser.

There are a lot more details to share that went into this dresser and the other, like

repairing broken drawers,
rebuilding a drawer you only have half of,
rebuilding missing applique bits,
gluing veneer down on countless edges
gluing bubbled veneer in the center of a surface
filling in missing veneer
replacing an apron,
and how about
building a complete back for a dresser,
but all this in due time.

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