REBUILDING DRAWERS - tips and tricks

When we last left our kids the white princess found her lost drawers.

This adventure is all about our pesky little blue boy getting his drawers fixed.

We can get a good view of what is left of the drawers from the backside.
There isn't much.

When I'm working with drawers and nails my all time favorite tool is this pair of wire cutters.
They are a simple inexpensive plier type tool found at most hardware stores.

With a little persuasion you can get underneath the head of most nails.
You can pull nails out with them, you can cut nails off with them.
You can usually get inside a mortise joint to get a nail slid out.

My little wire cutting wizards are also very helpful when hammering nails in.
I use the pliers to hold short nails that I want to nail in,
like here when I secured one of the drawer bottoms into place. 

Another useful tool for removing nails and taking things apart is a long flathead screw driver.
The sharper the better.

Glue, clamps, and even masking tape are all very useful for repairing drawers,
just make sure your joints are already nice and tight when using the tape.

The color and finish is amazing in person.

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