Long story short a friend was in need and I helped out.

These 6 chairs are clearly dated from 1976 on the bottom of the seats
and on the underside of the matching table. I'm sorry but we do not have a photo of
the table at this time. Cross your fingers we will get a full shot of everything in place soon.

The set had been purchased sometime ago and the table was painted already.
But the poor chairs had been waiting their turn. When I realized there was an issue
and they needed to be completed I stepped in.

Jen requested the seats be upholstered in burlap.
She had bought the burlap coffee sacks from The Passionate Home.

The interior of the sacks is much softer and smoother than the exterior due to the coffee
tumbling around in transit so be sure to check which side is actually smoother.
Rub each side of the burlap against the underside of your forearm or if you are wearing shorts
rub the burlap against your thigh to get an accurate feel for the texture.

I painted the chairs in a mix of ASCP old white and pure white to match the already painted table.

When mixing ASCP colors to match an already existing piece
take into account the wax you will be using to finish with, will change the color slightly.

Dining chairs are a lot of work. Just look at all the surface space that has to be gone over for each chair.

I lightly distressed the edges to show the magnificent lines each chair has and
I also took the finish down several layers in a few spots to add to the vintage feel.

After 36 years the caning is in perfect condition on all of them.

These very comfortable chairs are now all finished and back home with their matching table.

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