BEACH TIME - aqua side tables

During my last workshop I found out I had meet one of these ladies before.
I used to make driftwood furniture long ago and she had come to see me back then.
How cool is that!

Fastward a few days and I get an email from
another lady who has been out to visit,
Hiya Kristy!!!!

When I first saw your wonderful blog, I was taken away with such talent.
Then we started to correspond with each other and your friendliness and
messages were a joy to receive.

Now this is something that is really going to blow your mind!! We met long
before this time. I couldn't believe what I found in a box. Years ago we use to
hop in the car and go to different areas checking for garage sales. One such
day we came across one. I bought a beautiful glass hummingbird feeder at
this one. It was glass with brass and flowers painted on it. I still have it, but,
what caught our eye was the different amazing furniture creations that this
lady made.

Let's go back to what I found in the box. It was a business card from this
lady who does amazing things with driftwood. Yes Kristy!!!!!! This very talented
lady was/is you!! I couldn't believe it. When I saw your picture on your
blog I thought we had met before and now I have the proof that we had.

Small world!! 

The work you do is so...What can I say...Awesome, beautiful, wonderful, a
treasure to own...I can go on and on, but, what I want to say is that you are
a treasure in this world. You are a beautiful one of a kind treasure awaiting
to be found by others in this world. I am glad that I found a really awesome
lady who long ago sold me a beautiful hummingbird feeder and then appear
again in my life when I needed you to be there.

Thank you Kristy for being the beautiful person you are!!

I want to thank these 2 ladies and everyone who has supported me then and now!

Now let's get to some furniture and pretty pictures ...

I have finished a pair of knotty pine side tables with a mix of
the new ASCP color, Florence.

If you would like to see some more of the furniture I use to make click here.

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