THANK YOU GRAPHICS FAIRY - french bath cabinet

I am always on the look out for fun graphics to use on some of my furniture projects.
I search the internet high and low for fun graphics that I can use in different ways.

The GRAPHICS FAIRY brings together thousands of graphics
making searching a little bit easier.
translated this one reads,
specially distilled by
Giraud Son Paris
colonial society
department stores
Saigon - Hanoi

This is the 8 reversed print outs taped together.
The GRAPHICS FAIRY also brings together 12 different methods about transferring
graphics onto your furniture here:
After the graphic has been transferred I darken it with a black sharpie marker. 

I'm referring to this as a bathroom cabinet because it is only 18 inches deep and with the
Perfume label on the face it would look great and function well for towel storage.

But there is nothing stopping the imagination running away with all the different places
in the home it could be used.

You can find a side by side before and after pic here



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  1. Kristy-my luv,
    Is this for MOI--???
    I'm totally in luv!

  2. I am sooooo glad you got my birthday present done sooo early!! You rock!

    Just kidding..about the birthday present. You definitely rock. Now off to the Graphics Fairy...

  3. I love this!!! Beautiful. This is one of my favourite graphics from Graphics Fairy. It's nice to see all the ideas and possibilities to create beautiful projects, thanks for the inspiration :)

  4. This is THE most fabulous little cabinet. Absolutely gorgeous!! I love what you've done with the graphic. Well ... I love everything you do!!

  5. Oh my it is just gorgeous!!!! You do such amazing work

  6. Oh my you have just outdone yourself with this one!! Yikes, I would find it hard to part with this masterpiece, but it is probably already gone by the time I write this comment!

  7. As usual this is a beautiful piece, I love all of the detail you add. Just when I don't think you can top your last do. Fabulous job!

  8. beautiful! i love those legs and the hardware!

  9. Fab, fab, fabulous! You never cease to amaze!

  10. What a clever idea! This looks awesome!

  11. Dagnabbit Kristy. Is my continual response of *I love it* getting old? Maybe I will learn to say that in foreign languages just to mix it up.


  12. Love the shape of this piece. The graphics look beautiful against the creamy backdrop.

  13. This is impressive!!
    How did you do that??
    Please do a tutorial,I'm in love with this piece...

  14. Je l'aime! How DID you do that? I'd love to know!

  15. Incredible! You do amazing work! I would love to have this piece in my home...and the before was hideous, which just goes to show what a miracle worker (and artist!) you are! Thank you for sharing! Pinning this one for sure!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  16. love loVE LOVE!!!! Simply amazing!

  17. I don't usually comment, but this is stunning! Wow. Beautiful.

  18. What process do you use to transfer the image or do you do it free hand? I love it!

  19. Stunning!!! Love, love, love!! I'm featuring this tomorrow on my Brag Monday post! Thanks so much for linking this up last week!

  20. Gorgeous piece! Looks great with that wallpaper, too! Visiting from Graphics Fairy and your newest follower. :@

  21. I too would like to know how you did this. I have an Octopus from Graphics Fairy, that I would like to transfer into a larger image then put on wood. I just have no idea of how to do it.


  22. Congratulations on being featured at the Graphics Fairy blog, Kristy!!!!

  23. Absolutely fantastic! Looooove it!

  24. wow, just wow! this is just beautiful!

  25. This is just a master piece and I have to share it. Thanks so much for linking up. Did it sell? Feature and link party will be up at 2:00 tomorrow :)

  26. so wonderful i love it xxx

  27. Hi Kristy! It is so nice to see what fellow Canadians are creatively doing! I am also in the Greater Vancouver area and I make miniatures and I often search out the Graphics Fairy for inspiration. I thought that your full-sized piece of furniture was doll-house size which is what I work with! Surprised me but I love it anyway! I have done similar work in miniature with decoupage and so I am coming back to visit when i need a shot of inspiration renewal. Your work is just outstanding!