GRAPHICS FAIRY COLOGNE IMAGE - french bath cabinet

I am always on the look out for graphics to use on furniture projects.

The GRAPHICS FAIRY brings together thousands of graphics
making searching a little bit easier.
specially distilled by
Giraud Son Paris
colonial society
department stores
Saigon - Hanoi

This is the 8 reversed print outs taped together.

The GRAPHICS FAIRY also brings together 12 different methods about transferring
graphics onto your furniture here:

After the graphic has been transferred I darken it with a black sharpie marker. 

I'm calling this a bathroom cabinet because it is 18 inches deep and 
with the Perfume label on the face it would look great and function
 well for towel storage.

But there is nothing stopping the imagination running away with
all the different places in the home it could be used.

You can find a side by side before and after pic here


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