PICTURE FRAME IN MY FURNITURE - seaside lower cabinet

How did this picture frame get used in the seaside cabinet?

I've shared the graphics used for the seaside cabinet here

I've shared the demolition and rebuild of the upper hutch here

Now it's time to show you the story behind the lower cabinet.
The legs seen in this photo are not original, just a set I was trying out and didn't use.

It started as a TV cabinet,
the kind that we have all had in our homes before for our big fat CRT TVs.
Big shout out to the inventor of the flat screen ...
I can be an independent woman now cause I can move my own TV.
With a little trimming in all the right places it became the perfect platform
for this project and I have extra bits for something else.

This is the photo my daughter originally sent to me asking if I could use it.
My only question was "Is it solid wood?"
She knows my motis operandi but even I get tricked by that sneaky MDF.
It was solid plywood which is not bad to work with.

Next came the legs, these came from an octagonal side table
that had 8 posts between the base and the top.
The table was ugly but the posts were fabulous and just what I needed.
This is another great example of where to find furniture legs.

I took this turquoise frame to the compound mitre saw and cut the
corners on a 45 then joined 2 together to create this fun detail for the front of the leg.

I used glass knobs with vintage hardware plates
and the star on the middle of the apron is also a hardware plate from a kitchen cabinet.
Mother swears she has more of these which I would love to get my mitts on.

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  1. You are amazingly talented! The picture frame is brilliant! Someday I hope to be able to refinish like you!

  2. You are so flippen talented! I gave you a shout out in my latest blog entry since you inspired my latest project. I really admire your ability to combine different pieces into something beautiful...I learn from you all the time!

  3. Another amazing transformation! What an artist's eye you have!

  4. Wow, you have such vision, seeing things in whole new ways. Wish I had that talent! Love what you did with the picture frame and legs. I'll have to remember to look at junky pieces for their legs.

  5. You amaze me. You can never meet my husband, he would leave me for you immediately and I have visions of the two of you in his garage all excited about power tools and saw dust. Does George like to cook?


  6. LOVE! Would have never guessed that was a TV cabinet! Ha ha, I moved the big bulky TV's by myself, andthenmybackhurtreallybadfordaysafter.......

  7. You are ah...mazing!! You must be great with tools. I love this cabinet and it has been featured here:



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