MISS CHERRY PIE - red buffet pt 2

Big Red's sister is completed.

Cherry has nice legs and a brighter glow than her stately brother.
Big Red was waxed and polished from head to toe,
were as Cherry was finished with wipe on poly.

She needed little repairs all over, but we all know
with age comes experience.

Miss Cherry has not traveled too far from home in all her years!

Here is a fresh raw coat of Emperor's Silk Chalk Paint on her body.

and the finished coat that topped her off.

Both her doors got magnetic closures.

Her jewelry was pretty but to hang in the pub with all those rough and tumbles
she needed something new to help fit in better.

She'll be catching the eye of many and maybe even a whistle or two.

Cherry will go home to her decorator's home for a short stay then she will be off
to her new digs in the Fort Pub.

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