A HUSBANDS INVESTMENT - soft blue 3 drawer chest

Before I knew it George was bidding on a three drawer chest
at our very first auction.

I was some what shocked as we had not looked at the piece before the bidding started
and we didn't have a good view of it from where we sat.
With in moments he had won and was holding his number up to the auctioner.
I quietly whispered to him "that's more then I would normally spend
and I don't know that I even want that"
His response was

"It's my investment, I'll get good return on it when you re-do it"
For those of you who have got to know George he can be quite the character
best friend, supportive hubby, and even has a good idea now and then.


There are some elements I just don't mention often enough when
revamping icky furniture such as ...

 #1. Creatures that have come to call these places home.
This dresser housed one partticulary large monster of the 8 legged variety.

#2. The *stuff* that builds up from use over time behind the hardware,
These are the moments I wonder ...
is blasting the entire unit with a garden hose really such a bad idea?

#3. Remembering to turn your project upside down when you start offers so many benefits.
You can vacuum out the insides so much easier,
the top surface is protected if you don't intend to paint it,
it's much easier to see and deal with repairs needed on the underside,
and no crawling around on your hands and knees to paint.

Pure White mixed with Provence ASCP
Above you can see the difference of the untouched side panel
and the sanded side shelf and drawer faces.

Once wax is applied to the distressed paint the color pops again
and the distressing stands out.

Stripped and Sanded Top
Stained Top

4 Coats of Poly Applied
The top of this piece turned out magnificent.

This chest would be a great bathroom vanity.
These pretty side panels with shelf are just waiting for someone
to install hanging racks to display guest towels.

George's investment is finished and a good friend of his is now the proud owner.

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