BLACK AND WHITE TOILE - shabby chic dining chairs

4 tired 70's dining chairs came to me via Uncle Ronnie.
While I was working on a different set of chairs all propped up in the driveway
he stopped in to let me know there was 4 more chairs that needed my help just down the road.

Almost 30 chairs have come into this house recently.
I think the Chairs for Charity Auction event has something to do with it, I'm sure it's a conspiracy and I will get to the bottom of it or die trying to get them all done.

Great Upholstery ... and Bird poop.

The left arms were missing ... on 2 chairs.
So I amputated the 2 remaining right arms,
cleaned, and repaired everything

They got a sprayed coat of a custom blue I mixed.
I started with AS Provence but it was like a mad scientist's lab
 on the kitchen counter while I added a touch of this and a 
drop of that trying to achieve something.
BTW I didn't achieve what I wanted but that is OK,
that is how wonderful and unexpected things happen.

Then I dry brushed a light grey over the blue,
but it didn't give me the light bright overall appearance I really wanted.

So they all got a good painting of white and because of a few rain showers they got to dry in the kitchen.
My cat doesn't get to go on the kitchen island but apparently freshly painted furniture does!

I still wanted a punch of the blue to come thru so they
got a good edge sanding to bring it out.


I used a black and off white toile for these chair seats.
The first layer of upholstery is durable drop cloth
then covered with the toile.



20605 Fraser Hwy Langley

18 RECLAIMED chairs have thoughtfully been
RESTYLED into beautiful themed thrones,
some come with celebrity autographs

Each will be auctioned off the evening of Thursday, October 27, 2011
benefiting the Langley Christmas Bureau.
four celebrity chairs will go on the LIVE auction block at 7:00pm
with the remaining chairs available through silent auction bids in store all day long
10:00am - 7:30pm.

Below you can see all the chairs and celebs
comes with autographed photo
Mayor of the City of Langley
Actress from "Corner Gas" fame
comes with autographed photo
Langley's BEST Seafood Market
comes with autographed photo
neighbours of the Passionate Home
Forever Yours Lingerie
Langley's one stop Lingerie Shop
Comes with autographed photo
Gourmet Food Store
Journalist, Speaker, Author
comes with autographed book "Moolala"
Mike Mason Author
Comes with a signed copy of his book "The Blue Umbrella" 
Lucy Adams Artist
Chair canvas will be painted by the artist herself!
Comes with autographed team poster
Langley's Junior A Hockey Team
comes with autographed team photo

Our very own
2 Coffee Chairs from their Power Centre location
Starbucks Big Easy Chair
take home a piece of Starbucks history

There will have a chair that represents the

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