HOW THE MAGIC HAPPENS - blue, black, and white dresser

SO when the rain comes before expected sometimes my furniture doesn't get
photographed the way I would like.

Case in point this blue dresser.

On a lovely warm sunny day I'll pull something out of storage and start working in the yard.

I'll fix all the broken bits including drawer glides, and replace missing drawer guides.
Nailing a backer on, and glue a chipped drawer corner back in place.

At some point I decide what color I'm going to start with,
this day it was blue for a piece Shelly had done over at A LITTLE BIT OF SHIZZLE

I wasn't trying to reproduce her work of art,
it's just the piece that inspired the color choice of the day.
I've added a link to see more of Shelly's work at the bottom of this post.

Masking, spraying, distressing, and waxing all happens before installing new hardware.

A finish for the top gets underway.

Once finished but before I can move things around to style for photos,
the rain comes or even simple life happens.

So this is what happens .....

Photo editing!

It doesn't happen too often because I work hard at getting good photos,
but it is a necessary evil when you have bad lighting, bad weather, or limited time.

Pop over to see more of Shelly's masterpiece at A LITTLE BIT OF SHIZZLE:

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