FIXING BROKEN DINING CHAIRS - sheild back chairs

I found a set of six vintage shield back dining chairs on CL. They were gorgeous and just what I wanted.

However, two of the chairs had serious damage.

Do you think that was going to stop me!  I love repairing wood.

I had to scrape out all the old glue from an early repair attempt.
Removing the old glue and any dirt is important to a good solid wood repair.

All the repairs I made were secured with 3" deck screws and then concealed in the frame.

You must pre-drill so you do not crack or split your frame. You also have to counter sink the head so
you can cover them over with wood filler. You use the same method to conceal the heads as filling
old hardware holes:

It's a slow process but well worth it for me. Once you get the frame fixed you can fill in the cracks.

When this chair had been repaired before the details had been lost under fillers,
so I had to re-carve the detail back into the frames.

Here are the two chairs after being repaired.

I primed and painted the chairs in a semi gloss custom white and reupholstered the seats

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