DOUBLE DECKER - stacked dressers

I love this project.
I knew re-doing the dressing room I would probably need more storage however
living with a layout works best for me to see how things work and where improvements are needed.

George found these two dressers at an estate sale.

What a mess!

They had arborite laminate glued to the tops, I ripped that off.

But the glue had to be removed too.

Beautiful soft wood after I using the grinder.

I stripped every surface of both dressers.

The intention was to always keep the dressers together, either as a pair
of large bedside tables or used side by side as a great console.
I never thought to stack them till I needed something for our small space.

If you've ever took the tour of our home you will know we
have limited space so I had to go vertical with this storage.

The top drawer is kinda high to use effectively so I'll share how I fixed
that shortly.
I adored the rough wood look but also wanted a lighter feminine feel,
so I did a very light white wash. Watered down white paint with spray bottle in hand
to thin it even more as it was applied.

The cast iron drawer plaques I got from Colleen.
They were actually *KITCHEN*  plaques that I turned around.
And I can write on them with chalk to label the contents of each drawer. 

Some of you might know these knobs from an earlier project.
A little acetone removed all the felt marker and nail polish.

Now to that pesky top drawer that's too high.
See those hinges below just under the top drawer?

TA DA .....

All the parts of the drawer where kept and used so some day
in the future if needed it can be turned back into a conventional drawer.

I left some of the original paint on the drawer edges to add to the rustic feel.

She may be big but she's beautiful!
This lay out didn't work so our dressing room had a makeover which can be seen here:

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