A HUSBAND, AN ANTIQUE, AND A POST CARD - aqua chest of drawers

George bought a little antique dresser last week and was very excite to arrive home with it in his van. 

Looking at it in the back of the van, I have to admit
 I was perplexed because it looked nice as it was.
 I had assumed it was for me to work on.
He knows my motto "if it's not broke don't fix it"

It had rich color in the wood, beautiful hardware
 but once I get closer I realized how short it was,
 only about 27" tall. We have been looking for a special
 piece to fit under a low window. Now this started to make
 sense, however it also has to be very shallow which this was
 not at 20" deep.

 I had been toying with the idea of turquoise
 and now I have to come up with a plan to refurbish
 the thing.  Of course the first thing was
 to put some casters back on it to give it a bit more
 height. Then George shows me some repairs that it
 needed. The insides of the cabinet and drawers
 definitely would benefit from attention. The top
 surface varnish was bubbled all over.
Okay this is sounding better, I like to be needed.


But I didn't have a clear vision and it was sitting in the middle of my work space and something
had to happen. The top couldn't be painted without being stripped.
If I have to strip it I want to stain it dark walnut. That's a start! That will go with turquoise.
So I removed the top to take outside to do the dirty work.
When removing it I found something, half a post card stuck
 between the frame and the top.

Addresser was:
Mr David Brown
1256 Davie St.
Vancouver BC
It reads "arrived at _____ johston. He is a big boy,
 was asking for you. The picture on this card is the
 hotel I stayed at in NY"
signed: "Father"

 See the post mark?

 1919 ..... wow that's pretty cool

Okay now back to the dresser  Trial and Error ....
I finally ended with something I adore ... 

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