STOP - drawer stop tutorial

I added some drawer stops to a vintage chest
I've been working on and thought I would share my method.
3 stops are missing, 2 on the middle support and 1 on the bottom left.

This is what the originals look like, typical of a vintage dresser.

Here you can just see the out line of the missing one. This is where you install the replacement.
If you can not tell where they used to be or they never had any, measure the thickness of your drawer
 front and use that as a guide and mark a line.  

The first thing I reach for is a wooden stir stick for mixing paint.

The second is my handy dandy *ANVIL CUT*, this tool was purchased at Home Hardware but a
knife or small hand saw will also work fine.


Using some glue position your piece of wood in place.

 Use a clamp and in an hour or so when the glue is dry it's done.
This method works to replace missing metal stops also.

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  1. Yes very helpful... I have a dresser I need to do this to. I am always pulling the draw out to where it should be... dah???... who knew it was this simple to fix. Thanks for posting this.

    Where did you find that fabulous clamp... I need me one of those puppies.

    Have a great day...

    Hugs, Deb

  2. You're a clever kid aren't ya? Thanks for the tutorial. It's nice to see bloggers sharing their tricks :)

  3. Thanks for sharing your method. This is just a simple fix but very helpful.