BLACK N WHITE - photo link party

Taken in Victoria, British Columbia
I took this photo moments before being
tour around the city
by this very horse and carriage. 
Fredericton, New Brunswick
*a perfect hockey day*

Near White Rock, BC
I spotted this beauty and grabbed
a photo.

Canadian goose,
Davis lake, British Columbia.

Now a pedestrian bridge built atop
the piers of the old road bridge in
Fredericton, NB.

While on vacation in Fredericton NB.
we snapped these next 2 photos.

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  1. What awesome pics... I love the church with the steeple.

    And that VW... I had one like that years ago, we had so much fun in that car.

    Love that they are Canadian places too.

    Great eye.

    Have a fantastic day ...

    Hugs, Deb

  2. That was so much fun to see. The first several photos made me feel like I was looking at old antique photos. Great subjects. Thanks so much for linking to the party!

  3. That car is fabulous! I love the cases on top. The perspective on the foot bridge is great. I love to shoot low like that.

  4. I love the hockey picture! I think black and white gives it such a fun old time feeling!

  5. Beautiful Photos. Absolutely Lovely!

  6. I like all the photos, but my favorite is the car with suitcases on top.

  7. Great photos. I love the bridge and the car!!

  8. Wonderful photos! My Fave is the Car with the suitcases on it!
    xx Liz

  9. Fun and pretty! I loved the car with suitcases, but the Canada goose grabbed my heart, too! Great job!

  10. I just had a great time looking at your gorgeous black and white photos...simply amazing work.

    Love the old car piled high with trunks...precious!

    Starview Sonnet



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