OLD WORLD TRAVEL - vintage travel themed chest

I worked on making a vintage travel themed chest of drawers,
and it turned out amazing.

It started as a beautiful forest green dresser.
When was it in style to paint with this color.

Oh ya the 80's!

The entire dresser was scraped and sanded.
(disclaimer) NO STRIPPER (disclaimer)
was employed during the making of this project.

George was upset, he wanted a stripper.

I left tiny hints of each of the 3 paint
colors that had been painted on it before it came to me.
This added to the vintage feel.
The 3 colors were green, white, and cream.

After getting it all cleaned and sanded I started to
 paint the *stamps* on the face of the drawers.
It was all done by hand.

Before adding the elaborate brass handles and
 key plate it was stained with a walnut stain
and polished with finishing wax.

First I sketch with pencil a Fleur De Li, then went
over the outline with a fine sharpie marker.
It was then filled in with fat chisel tip marker.
The finer sharpie marker didn't seem to come off during the antiquing part.

You can see above how the outline
 stayed and the filled in part lifted just right.

The top was finished in the walnut stain also and hand rubbed with wax.


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