GUESS WHAT'S ARRIVED HERE IN BC - his and her nightstands

BTW this is a little can not a gallon

$49.99 plus tax

I picked up my first can of Chalk Paint

Here are the first willing test subjects,

and their new feet.

Magic ..... the new legs are installed.
You don't really want me to talk about adding legs again do you?
You want my review on this expensive little can of wonder paint right?
No sanding or priming required ...

This is the first time I have used chalk paint and I chose to spray it on the tables.
I found no difference from my regular latex primer or paint when
thinning with water or straining it for use in my spray gun.

It went on the furniture in a smooth even coat just like regular primer.
I did start to notice my hand cramping while spraying which isn't normal.
I believe this was due to the paint being thicker and having more solids thus distributing
slower thru the gun, finding the right consistency will come with practice. 

The paint drys very quickly to the touch and I had no threat of runs in the paint.
When dry it feels semi rough and a bit chalky just like a flat paint would.
Once they were done it was time for  .....

The Plymouth Rock sandwich from Safeway .. mm mm good!

Once I was done with lunch I got a small bowl of water and a good clean sponge.

The thing that I quickly learned while using this paint
is that it is always soluble with water.

Thus making the process of distressing very FUN and satisfying.

I'm able to create all sorts of antiqued finishes with regular products every time changing
the recipe and experimenting which is fun too but takes time and thought.

See how the edges are distressed,
this has all been done wiping and rubbing with the damp sponge.

With the contact of the water the paint started to smooth the semi rough surface I mentioned earlier.

Because this paint is always water soluble you should finish it with a protector.
This is why the paint is primarily always sold with a finish wax.
I used MINWAX Finishing Paste Wax on these tables but Annie Sloan sells a clear and a dark wax.

At the time this article was written I had not tried brush painting with it yet.

I do see this as being a great indoor winter paint for me 
simply because the dust level is so low when distressing.

Now to the cost, yes it's expensive at first glance.
However time is money for most of us and I didn't have to take an hour sanding,
or have to waste product deglossing.
A single coat of chalk paint is all that is required when achieving an antiqued
or distressed finish, saving both product and time.
The product also dries very quickly saving more of that precious time of ours.
No cost to purchase sand paper for distressing, just a rag and some water.
Money will be saved in paint brushes as they are always washable weeks later.
UPDATE: 2 years later and I have not bought new brushes yet!!!

A similar look can be achieved with less expensive primer and distressed with sandpaper.
But I promise it will take longer and you won't have as much fun.

I find the most valuable aspect to this product being the adhesion factor.

Most ppl want instant gratification when they decide to paint something
and chalk paint now offers this with out the prep work.

There will still be slim occasions where adhesion will be an issue.
It seems that the paint will not stick to wood that has been penetrated by an oil.
Such as a tongue oil rubbed into furniture.

To summarize my thoughts:
If you are familiar with priming and painting techniques and already create decorative furniture,
I suggest trying this paint.
If you are new to painting and refinishing furniture
I suggest you read as much as you can find about this paint or even take a class

This is a decorative paint best used to create fun and fabulous vintage looks.

I finished the look with vintage provincial handles with a turquoise aged look.


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