WHITE AND WOOD NIGHTSTANDS - removing the tops

I have had these nightstands stashed away for awhile. They were really dirty like they had been in a food fight gone wrong.

I cleaned them more than any piece of furniture I have
 cleaned but when I sprayed the first coat of white paint
 I found even more spots that I missed.

I lightly distressed all the edges with a 220 grit sand paper.


I removed the original tops and replaced them with a thicker
 more substantial wood. They were salvaged from another
 project and I sanded the surface to break through the clear
coat that was on them so I could stain the wood darker.

Removing the tops of most furniture can be done by looking
 inside underneath the surface to see how it is attached.
 In most cases they are screwed in from underneath. 

I put new knobs on the bottom drawers
and kept the single pulls for the top drawers.

BEFORE                              AFTER

You can always follow along on INSTAGRAM @4_the_love_of_wood
where you get sneak peaks of what I am up to.

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