HOW TO PAINT A SMOOTH FINISH - using annie sloan chalk paint

Anyone who owns a piece of my work
or has visited and touched the finish 
on my furniture usually comments 
about how smooth it is. There are 
many different things you can do to 
get a smoother ASCP paint finish 
when using a brush and I am sharing
some of the secrets I use.

Let's start with the paint ....
- your paint should flow nice and evenly 
- mix it well and if needed add some water
- ASCP can get really thick if open to the air

Next is the paint brush ....
- it should be CLEAN and SOFT
 - the better the QUALITY the better the finish
- a dirty brush or a cheap brush will work against you

- brush in one direction, usually with the grain of the wood

- do not linger while you are painting,
be quick with your strokes and move along

- each coat should be brushed in the same direction

- 220 grit will smooth the paint and remove brush strokes
- sand in the same direction as your brush strokes
- Annie Sloan Chalk Paint sands very easily
- you can always repaint if you sand too much

SANDED                                        NOT SANDED

now that you have created the smoothes surface you can
wax will go on so much easier and definitely
boost the look and feel of the finish


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