Have you ever seen a piece of bedroom furniture
made from plywood? There are lots of them out
there and they are probably home made by someone's
dad or grandfather back in the day. Plywood is great
to work with because it is super strong and you can
treat it just like solid wood, but have you ever wondered
how to paint it???

Here is the before photo of this terribly abused 3 drawer chest.

I chose to work with it's rustic attributes and highlight the wood
 grain in the plywood with paint. I wanted many layers to show
thru adding to the appearance of age. The very first coat was a
 white primer, then a matte black paint before the top layer of 
red. As I sanded the dried paint each color started to show
through. The black highlighted the grain and the white
 appearing more on the edges.

The hardware I used was stolen off a roadside MDF dresser,
and it was pouring rain at the time I was unscrewing them.


 I also lined the drawers with a farmhouse tablecloth wrapped
over cardboard.


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