MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL- my french mirror

I really do love mirrors, I have always had a large number
of them in my home. I think it is an affordable way to decorate
and easy for many people to do. Art can be tricky but anyone
can hang a mirror. My french trumeau mirror has to be 
my favorite of all time. I always smile when I look at it, I
fiercely protect it when anything big is moving near it,
and when it had no place to hang I made sure there was
somewhere to keep it safe.

BEFORE                          AFTER

I saw it on Craig's list a long time ago and I remember driving almost an hour to buy it.
It has always felt extra special to me almost like the mirror in a fairy tale.

I added the scrolled shell applique to the top. I found this one at a thrift store,
you can also find them online or at a local wood workers store.

for Appliques available at Firstfinds Etsy click this link:

I used Old White and Provence both Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colors.
The pale blue color was a drop or two of Provence Blue mixed with Old White.

A great way to paint fine detail is to get yourself a small touch up brush.
Start with a larger brush but finish with a small one.
The right paint brush always makes painting more satisfying.

I did some light distressing on the high points before clear waxing
then dark waxing to achieve this great vintage french look. 

Now she hangs proudly on the wall next to my bed and I get to gaze into it everyday.
Bonus she also hangs right next to a window with lots of natural light.

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