THE SMALL DETAILS OF DECORATING shabby chic switch plates

My home is about bringing together unique worn white
finishes with vintage charm that remind me of simpler
times. A place we always want to retreat to and spend
time together. Vintage switch plates have definitely helped
me create that feeling in our decor. They have won my
heart and have such excellent vintage character they
added a special touch in many rooms around my
home. I have them strategically placed only where
we will see and enjoy them, I don't hide them behind
furniture. Take a look at some of these photos of our
electrical plates to see where they get used and you just
might see a few new angles of our home you were not
familiar with.

This combination metal switch and outlet plate with a Fleur de Lis design top and bottom
gets used everyday for charging media devices and accents the our dressing room nicely.

Down the hall is a GFI switch plate that I built using vintage parts,
I have not decided on the paint finish yet but it looks pretty sharp already in the gold.
This plate also has a barn door type door that slides over it so it needs to be shallow.

In the kitchen I have a unique double switch plate that looked to never been used, and it is in the
shape of a crest, crown included. It is made of resin which means it is a newer piece but
I found it at a thrift store, the original retail price was still on it for $35.99. WOW!
I had to trim and re-drill the holes to line up properly, probably why it had never been used.

On the counter I have this unique outlet cover I purchased at a vintage market.
The vendor had painted it in the perfect creme color that coordinated just right
with my backsplash.

A short time later I found a matching plate perfect for the light switch on the other side.

The next plate is another creation of mine made to cover a large hole.
Originally there was a double switch plate next to the door but I found that one of the
switches wasn't hooked up. I removed the double and replaced it with a single
oversized switch plate big enough to cover the hole.

Looking for your own switch plates try my collection at

Photos below show a small sampling of what is available


One of a kind plates can be found at this link:


Unique outlet plates can be found here:

A large selection of single switch plates can be purchased here:

Some rose themed plates can be found at this link:

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