FARMHOUSE WALL ART - easy tutorial

Today is my birthday as well as Good Friday and to celebrate
I thought I would share an easy project for your weekend.
I was browsing some graphics recently for an empty frame
I wanted to fill and I printed off this vintage cow image from
The Graphics Fairy. I did not end up choosing the image for
that project but this picture stuck with me and I wanted to see
it on the wall somewhere. After all was said and done I
made a few neat pieces of farmhouse art using animal
graphics and I took photos while i created one of them
to share with you.

mod podge
paint brush
wood board
black & white inkjet image
ASCP pure white
ASCP clear wax
paper towel & rag
sandpaper 120 grit & 220 grit
picture hanger & hammer
1 hour of my time

I have vintage wood pieces everywhere so I picked a thick piece of solid wood
from a 1940's dresser that had been dismantled for parts.

I brushed the mod podge generously over the area where the paper was going to be placed.

Working quickly I placed the paper on the wet glue and again brushed another
layer of mod podge over the entire sheet of paper going well beyond the edges.


I used the hairdryer to set the glue. (5 - 10 minutes)

Next step was to sand the edges with the coarse sand paper.

The goal was to remove any trace of the straight paper edge. 
I was careful not to sand over the image too much, just the edge. 

Below are some progress photos from when I was sanding and
how I hold the sandpaper. I finished with the 220 grit to smooth the edges.

this part of the process was a bit messy with all the paper shreds



I was a little rough in this corner and tore some of the image so it was curling up in 3 areas. 
I just cleaned up the area and proceed onto the next step of mod podging another coat.
Below you can just see the image is all back in place.

Another go with the hairdryer to set that.

I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Pure White to paint around the image.


Another shot with the hairdryer

Then on to distressing the paint with some more sandpaper (220 grit)
I sanded the edge first and carefully moved inwards to the image edge.


Above you can see the whole board has been distressed.


Working around the face was the most delicate part.
If I was too aggressive he might lose an eye. Wink!!!

Now that I was happy happy with my little sheep I clear waxed the whole board.
wipe on, wipe off, buff to a shine

My little sheepy just needed a hanger.

Then I added him to my new farmhouse gallery wall.

The sheep image I used is found here:

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  1. First things first! lol Happy Birthday! Happy Good Friday! Thank you for your fun and easy tutorial! I love it. Have an amazing Easter weekend. :) Jo

  2. Happy Happy Birthday!! I love these, would never have thought to do this, it's awesome and thank you for sharing!!

  3. Love them! Happy Birthday!

  4. I collect sheep and have used this image before, but I love how you distressed the image and the painted wood. Pinning and sharing.

  5. How do I scale down this image to fit for my project? thanks!

  6. Thank You for this tutorial!! I love it!! I just hope mine will turn out as good!! lol