I'm sharing with you how a simple three drawer dresser
gets a complete makeover in my house. Everything from
a new color and hardware to appliques and how to remove
white water marks from the top surface.

The first thing I always do when working on a piece of furniture is to do all the repairs.
Below you can see all the issues that had to be fixed, replaced, or addressed.

The color I went with was a mix of equal parts of Pure White and Provence, both ASCP colors.
The original wood knobs were removed and the holes were used for a new set of black handles.

BEFORE                            AFTER

I have never been fond of the screw covers used on this era of maple furniture,
and some were missing on the front so I fixed that with a cover up.
AKA - wood applique

I ended up painting the top of this dresser but it had some bad water marks on it that I removed first.

To remove water marks on a lacquered furniture you will need:
a hot iron and a lint-free cloth

On top of the stain placed the cloth and then the iron and move back and forth.
I did leave my iron in place for some of the more stubborn areas.

Be cautious with your first attempt.

It does take some time for the marks to come out but it really works.
I found if I let the area cool between attempts it worked better.

BEFORE                                      AFTER

I sanded the edges with 220 grit paper before waxing to get the distressed look.
I got a beautiful shine from buffing the wax after I applied it.

Here are some unique hardware pieces available at


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  1. Kristy, your chest is just beautiful! I love seeing you work your magic with wood. You're so talented and creative. We were sorry to see the wind damage. It's so sad to see beautiful trees blown down by the wind. Here in the high mountains of NC, we sometimes get gale force winds, and have had to have the trees close to our house cut down. Thanks for sharing your work with us.