VINTAGE DESK in VINTAGE TURQUOISE - mixing annie sloan chalk paint

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint has a high
volume of pigment in it. One benefit
of this is the ability to dye fabric with
it. Another advantage of the strong
colors is how little of a color you need
to mix new colors. I mixed a beautiful
vintage turquoise color using Annie
Sloan paints. 
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HOW TO CUT KNOB POSTS OFF - decorative ceramic and glass knobs

These days there are tons
of choices in pretty knobs
to use in our homes but
what or how do you deal
with the extra long post
they have sticking out of
the back?  

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MARKET DISPLAY STAND - european booth

I built this booth using discarded
bits of lumber and furniture parts.
It turned out exactly as I wanted,
like one of those European market
booths you see at Christmas.

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