VINTAGE DESK in VINTAGE TURQUOISE - annie sloan painted desk

All of the Annie Sloan paint colors have a high volume of
pigment in them, this is 1 reason it can be used to dye fabric.
The vintage color on this project to the left was mixed using
AS paint. The AS color Florence, super rich aqua green is
an amazing ingredient to have on hand when playing with 
color mixes. To achieve this mix it only took a few drops
of Florence in white to achieve this soft turquoise.

I used this color to revitalize an old wood desk I've had as a work station.

The top was in bad shape when I got it. It had missing veneer and bubbles all over. I had to think
 awhile about what I wanted to do with this one so I used it for the work surface for a time. It is
perfect to sit at but it was super ugly. I started by re-glued as many of the bubbles as possible then
hand sanded as much as I could to get it smooth-ish. The sanding made a big difference. Then 2 coats
 of AS Pure White, more sanding and a final layer of clear wax. It turned out totally amazing!!!

I added a little character to the legs by painting a band of white on the detail.

The desk had these little brass capped feet on the bottom of the legs.
They were quite dirty so I pulled the nail that held them in place and polished them.

The drawer was revamped with a vintage wallpaper inside and two cute vintage clover drop pulls outside. 

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