WHERE TO FIND FURNITURE LEGS - distressed white nightstands

Where do you find furniture legs?

Antique stores sometimes have metal and wood legs to buy.
My Restore has even had a bin of furniture legs available to
purchase. During clean up week George, my GF, and I have
taken legs off several wingback chairs. George found legs
attached to a wet road side sofa and managed to cram it into
the van. The wet sofa has to be taken to the landfill but for that
fee I get some nice legs. I have bought many bargain coffee tables
with great legs at yard sales. A little deconstruction and VOILA.
Not everyone has a big vehicle to pick up road side finds or can
carry a saw in their vehicle *just in case*. The legs I got for this
nightstand project came from a very simple place that anyone
can handle.

Below you can see the nightstands transformed with new legs.
Above you can see where I purchased them, the tag says it all.

This pair of bedsides was sprayed with a 50/50 mix of AS Old White & Pure White.
They have been distressed with a 120 grit sandpaper, creating a heavier worn look.
A nice layer of clear AS wax was used to give them a silky soft feel.

If you are looking to create your own piece with handles like the ones I used,
there are lots of different sizes and styles of swing handles at: FIRSTFINDS ETSY

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