I have an old metal and wood sled I display
on the porch each winter. The wood has been
getting pretty weathered and I have seen some
really pretty sleighs on Pinterest painted white
so I gave mine an update with some Annie
Sloan Chalk Paint.

BEFORE                       AFTER
I knocked off the flaking paint and loose finish before I used ASCP pure white & burgundy.
This is a simple project that took very little time. I painted the wood white in the evening while
 watching TV and I hand painted the burgundy letters the following afternoon in about 20 minutes.


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  1. The new paint job is lovely. It was a great sled with lovely patina but I can see why the weathered wood would need a bit of new paint for protection and updating. The red and white is very pretty! Hope you enjoy your holidays!

  2. I usually agree with your ideas, but this time, I think I prefer the sled before it was painted. Would have looked good just with the burlap bow and maybe some cedar & holly.

    Overall, I really enjoy your blog and have learned some really great tips on making the old and ucky new and interesting.

    Happy Christmas. Lauren