DISTRESSING & CHANGING - shabby chic sidetables

Autumn is here on the west coast and the winds have
also arrived starting to change how everything looks.
All the leaves are wonderful colors and the winds are
taking them from the trees. A lot of different things are
changing around me including my mother. She has
learned her life style needs to change. She had a small
stroke Christmas eve last year and this fall was for her
to relax and recover from heart surgery. Everything was
going really well until ...  

On Halloween she was rushed in an ambulance to the hospital. After days of agonizing pain
and great confusion it was discovered that post surgery medication had caused some serious
issues. She had to be moved to another hospital, and put on kidney dialysis but today I'm happy
to share with you her  prognosis is good. While all this was happening I tried to focus my
energies on a project or two. 

I did two of these side tables with a heavy distressed accent on the front. They were painted
 in a soft AS white and the heavy distressing was only done on the front faces. I added little
cabriole legs and the hardware came directly from my ETSY shop:

 Here is what they looked like BEFORE and then AFTER 
 If you want to try this it's important to sand by hand to get a uniformed look and only sand in the
direction of the grain. The distressing is done with a 120 grit paper only on the raised surfaces of the
 doors and the drawer. This heavy distressing is meant to only be an accent on these white cabinets.
Alternatively you could paint these areas in a different color to suit your décor.

In person or 3D you get to see all of the white on the body of the cabinets, the sides, top, legs,
and apron, so they actually look a little different than the 1 dimension view of these photos. 

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