ONE COAT OF ANNIE SLOAN - french nightstands

These nightstands were painted in ASCP and they only have one coat. I wanted to show how this
paint is perfect for creating a time warn finish, easily. All the furniture finishes so many of us
 covet are very European and this paint just so happens to be European along with it's creator.

I painted both cabinets with one coat of grey (custom mix) from top to bottom using a
 2 inch brush. I took extra care to get a nice coat on the drawer faces but that is easy
 because I always take my drawers out and paint them standing off to the side.

In many areas you get spots where your brush has left "see through marks", that's what I'll call them
 for the purpose of this review. They are rough once dry and of course look like you missed a spot
 but once you sand these smooth with a 220 grit paper they look to be original wear from years gone by.

The white accents are painted over the grey with a small artist brush. I like to take my time when
doing this and enjoy it. If you have a ball and claw foot to paint turn the piece upside down and get
 a crisp line painted between the ball and claw to define it well.

If I were to add dark wax to these they would look like they
sailed across the ocean right from a French villa.


Here's the BEFORE and AFTER shot below.

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