I've received many requests asking for this next tutorial on how I upholstered these open  back chairs. This project has been divided into two parts, this article is part one.


I am going to start at the point after all the stripping
and after the frame is already refinished.

I use a hand held, arm powered stapler with 1/4" staples.
I do have an electric stapler but because of the safety
feature it will not work with the tight ledge of this chair.

Here is a close up of the frame profile.
You can even see where the old staples were.

I started by shooting 3 staple in the top edge
to securing your fabric.

I had to figure out the best angle for my stapler
to be used with this chair.

Here is a close up of where the staples 
are actually going into the frame.

The next place I attached my fabric was directly opposite
of my first three staples, down on the bottom edge.

Then across from each other.

I held my fabric taught each time I shot every staple in.

Once I had those 4 points of contact, I simply went around attaching your fabric with staples ever inch,
continuing to pull the fabric taught.

Once I finished stapling, I trim the fabric to 1/2 inch excess, I 
used small scissors cause they are easier to work with in close corners.

I chose to do this project on my bed because it is a large soft
 surface. I made sure to turn my chair often so everything I 
was doing was comfortable for my hands. 

The overhang of fabric simply folds in and is hidden inside.

You can bounce a coin off the fabric like a drum if done well.

You can continue with Step Two here:

 INSTAGRAM @4_the_love_of_wood

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