This step by step is quite easy as long as patience is employed.
With most upholstered chairs the wood parts that you want painted don't have a lot
 of surface so taking a little extra time to perfect it will bring an amazing finish.
Supplies I used to achieve this silver finish:
stripped and cleaned wood framed chair
a latex primer that I could spray
paper towel or rag
1 can of silver spray paint I used Krylon but also like Rustoleum)
finishing sandpaper 220 or higher
and remember the most important thing is patience
The first step was to prime the chair frame, I sprayed it with white primer.
Once the primer is cured (check your manufacture's info)
use a finishing sandpaper 220 or higher to smooth the surface of any bumps or runs.
To get a stong finish wipe the surface of your primer with acetone right before you spray the silver.
**Be sure to do these steps outdoors.**
This softens the surface and makes sure the spray bonds extremely well.
Let the silver dry for several days before working on any upholstery.

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