CRAYON REMOVER - ball n claw foot table

 There was once this wonderful Ball n Claw Foot pedestal table,
that was once not so wonderful ... 
I have been looking for just the right top to match up to this handsome pedestal.
Low and behold along came this thick pine slab, covered in pencil and crayon.
Unfortunately this magnificent art work had to be removed.
Plz keep in mind that this next tip works best for raw wood.

Acetone and fine woodworkers steel wool will easiely remove and clean the wood.
Acetone will also remove any finish you may have on your project so use it with caution.
The top is in one solid piece that can be removed for transport and has a high gloss waxed shine.

The pedestal and four legs on this table are very thick and stately.

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  1. Please be sure to tell your readers that acetone is highly TOXIC and they should be wearing a respirator if they choose to use this chemical. Thank you.

    Small House / Big Sky Donna

  2. I adore that table and the jars. Smiles, Susie

  3. You know, I pass on your tips to my husband who very frequently says 'I never knew that'.


  4. W.D. 40 is what Crayola suggests using. It even removes Crayon from fabric. My 3 year old drew with Crayon all over the new van ceiling on our first road trip. Acetone should not be used until last resort. :)


  5. I like Bliss's comments. My husband is always excited when I tell him new tips I have learned re furniture. Not! If I can tell him any tidbit if Rock trivia that he doesn't know, then he is thrilled. I painted your table's cousin this week red. Distant cousin that is, my top was for a client and was Oak, that opened up for a leaf. Your Pine top is stunning. Great tip about Acetone, and I will wear a respirator!

  6. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. Your table is beautiful. Make some new memories on it. :)

    Peggy @



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