HOW I BUILT A SOFA TABLE - using reclaimed items

When George got home from work that day he couldn't find my latest project,
because it looked so much like another project I had done.

NEWEST  TABLE                           OLDER TABLE    

I see what he means.

There are four main piece that were reclaimed items that I used to make this new table with.

The first are the legs, which came from a set of bed posts.

The end caps (above) are from dismantling some dresser drawers (below).

The reclaimed top (above) was part of a desk top (below).

And the decorative front piece was from a 100 year old dresser.
I had already turned that dresser into a change table, now it was being reincarnated once again.

This is my nephew and his change table I made ...

The giraffe was painted by my talented sister,
I have to admit I'm not the only one in the family with an attention to detail. 

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