BITS AND PIECES - nightstand cabinet details

I get a large amount of comments suggesting
I must have the vision of each project in my head before I start.

This is NOT the case.

When I am in the mits of a building project there is a lot of sitting around and staring.
That doesn't sound quite right does it?
I sit back and look at what I have chosen to work with that day.
I look at each line, surface, and element on it's own.
I suppose it is really shapes I see it my head.
How I want the shapes to be and figure out what I might have to create that look.

I started this project knowing I wanted the open space in the nightstands to have doors.
So off I go searching with a tape measure looking for something that might work.

What I found was the sliding panels that use to be part of this bookshelf,
but I used them sideways from their original install.
Yes ... that's the same shelf I showed you yesterday.
Told you then it was a long story.

Now that I had fun and interesting doors I had to trim
the boring flat drawer faces to have more character.
I have used this same trim on several different projects.
You can see another set of drawers I used it on here
and my bucket of it here.

With the original decoration on the door it only made sense
to mimic the look on the drawer face with the same shape, so I added the oval pull.

I'm off to paint another bathroom vanity today so when I can find a bit more
 time I will talk about more elements of the process and this cabinet.

I'd love it if you would all stop into the Customers page
and take a peek at the newest photo and comment regarding their new vanity.

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