I have written simple instructions 
explaining how I re-wired a vintage
lamp that had cord damage

Have you ever come across a pretty vintage lamp,
 that caught your eye with a great price tag?

But the wiring is also vintage so you decide to pass because you think to yourself
*this thing may burn my house down*

Well here's how to solve that problem.
Make sure your lamp is not plugged in before you start.
Begin by removing the finial,

lamp shade, and light bulb,

With a flat head screw driver remove the little screw at the socket base,
before unscrewing the socket from the threaded post.

See the hidden wire decay, yikes!

Separate the top of the socket case from the bottom

by gently prying with a flat head screw driver then pulling apart.

The upper case is a like a sleeve you just pull off.

Now loosen the 2 screwed wire connections with your screwdriver,
and remove the old wires.

You're ready to remove that old cord completly.
Just pull it all the way out the bottom of your lamp and toss it away.


Get your replacement cord ready,

and start working backwards.

Guide the new wire thru the base

and up thru the neck of you lamp.

Remember to threat your wire thru all your different little parts in order,
this lamp has several washers, a threaded rod, and a harp.

Screw your socket base onto the threaded rod and re-install the little screw. 

You're almost done!

Give the copper wires a clockwise twist then curl them over
to fit on your connection screws. 

Tighten up the screws with your flat head before

sliding the upper sleeve back into place.
It will give a little click sound once it connects back to the socket base.

 The time has almost come to plug her in.

Screw your light bulb in and re-install your shade and finial.

It took me way longer to write this tutorial than
it takes to actually rewire a lamp.


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