ROSE BED WITH A VENEER TIP - white vintage double bedframe

The veneer on the rails were mostly gone or ready to simply peel off,
however there was a bit that still needed my extra special removal technique.
drum roll plz ....... WATER & a bit of patience

Most glue used in the past to adhere veneers to furniture are water soluble there fore will soften once
water has penetrated into it. All you need to do is let a damp cloth sit on the veneer for a period of
 time then come along and start peeling it away.
No need for harsh heat, damaging chisels, or needless sanding.

 Below you can see she is almost thru the sanding phase. (rear bed)

A few days of priming, sanding, and painting and she's complete.

Oh silly me did I forget something .....

 The rose applique I used was bought at a second-hand store and stamped with
1974 Miller Studio Inc.
It's a wall hanging made of some kind of fiber glass material
that I had to sand flat on the back side to sit flush with the head board before nailing in place.

Here's a sneak peak at tomorrows post.


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