LOOK WHAT I FOUND AT MY OWN YARD SALE - european finished desk

Some of you know we host fairly good and definitely fun yard sales even in the RAIN! This year we ran out of time and stuff to sell. So I thought I would share an old yard sale makeover with you.

This is the project piece at the yard sale and she did not sell.
She crept into my dreams the next night and first thing in the
 morning I rescued her from the left overs in the sale tent.
She was already painted white but the paint was chipping 
exposing a cream color underneath.

I spent the beautiful sunny day hand sanding all the details
 and belt sanding the top down to bare wood to take the 
walnut stain. I also used the walnut stain to create a wash all 
over the body really finishing this piece off and giving it a 
European flare. New vintage brass hardware really accented 
the look well.

it still needed a sprayed clear coat which I did the following day.

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