LOOK WHAT I FOUND AT MY OWN YARD SALE - european finished desk

She creeped into my dreams last night so first thing this morning I checked my work schedule
finding it was going to be light so away I went to rescue her from the left overs in the yard sale tent.

Some of you know we hosted a fairly good and definetly fun yard sale this past weekend,
in the RAIN!

We met lots of great ppl and some of my followers.
Leigh and George got to chat extensively about both their european trip tours.
Leigh is such a nice lady and is looking for antique wood corbels.
Does anyone local have suggestions?
Victoria and Pursie stopped in with family. I got to have a great chat and share some other
projects going on inside.

Sis and KC were a big help especially after we all attended a spa party Friday night
that ran quite late for our early Saturday morning start.

Now to the project at hand.
She was already painted white but tired and chipping exposing the cream color
painted underneath.

I spent the beautiful sunny day hand sanding all the details and belt sanding the top
down to bare wood to take the walnut stain.

New perfect hardware, and a walnut stain wash all over the body really finish this piece off.

it's not really finished till it gets a beautiful sprayed clear coat tomorrow.

the finished piece with kewl drawer liners can be seen here

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  1. Beautiful and love that hardware!

  2. Wonderful makeover!! She's a beauty! Congrats on your sale!

  3. That turned out gorgeous!! I bet you're glad you decided to keep it to refinish! Congrats on the quick sale, that's always fabulous :)


  4. What a great rescue from your yard sale! Looks fabulous!

  5. Found you via Southern Hospitality and your newest follower! I'm a bit green, I've been looking for a desk like that forever. Fantastic save! Pop over for a visit if you get time.

  6. gorgeous,i just love the stain and the paint job. thanks for sharing this at my party!

  7. Beautiful transformation!!

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