Here is what you can do with that old French provincial stereo cabinet grandma doesn't want anymore, but this one needs some carpentry skills.

The center section is a foam panel and fixed in place, but the top opens up to get to that storage area. I however went all the way and cut the middle panel in two and hinged them to open.

I painted the entire unit with white enamel spray paint. Once thoroughly dry the cabinet was dry
brushed with a dark walnut stain. The stain moves around easily on smooth enamel paint, letting
 you decide where it should go and stay. This was a great opportunity to use an oil based paint to
 show you how easy it would be to simply add stain over top of an existing paint job to achieve a
 new look yet not redoing the entire piece.

The finish needs time to cure before using it and I distressed the edges.

Here is the BEFORE & AFTER


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  1. Wow, love what you did with the stereo cabinet! Goodness, that was sooo very clever!Great finish on both pieces, I love old french provincial furniture, it always sells so good, too!
    Carol in GA

  2. Love it. I just scored one of these at my neighbors estate sale for 13 bucks. I love it. I will probably do something eventually to it myself.

    Thanks for posting.
    Deb @ Dejarenew

  3. really beautiful piece!! You did a gorgeous job on it. Saw this through Make It Yours linky! :)

  4. You have a great piece for your work. Your so right, it does not look easy to tackle. :)

  5. looks great, i love french furniture. i'm having a party today, hope you link up.


  6. thanks for linking up with type A, i just love this piece. makes me want to hunt craigslist, even though i have no room left!

  7. Nice change for the love piece of furniture.

  8. Love the French lines and color of this piece. Isn't it amazing how paint can transform the entire look. Beautiful and functional! Nice job!
    ~Michelle :)

  9. Simply stunning! You've done a terrific job. And you're right - it does look like a big job :)

  10. What an incredible transformation! I love French Style. Hard to say which of the 2 I like best! So much room for storing, too! You can't replace the quality of the old pieces with the furniture of today.

  11. How clever and fabulous! This would make a great entertainment console for a flat screen. It would hide all the components and be easily accessed through the sliding doors. I'm using a buffet for the same purpose. Of course, it looks off the charts with how you have it decorated!
    I'm your newest follower and would be delighted to have you follow me back!

  12. Those look great. Love the stereo cabinet finish and love the black on the other one. I am wanting to paint everything in site. Thanks for joining the party.

  13. Woohoo! You win the prize :) It looks fabulous.


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