This trunk has been in our family for almost 50yrs
It is a beautiful camel back trunk on the outside.

 However the inside wasn't so nice and who wants to put nice
 things inside there?

I cut thick corrugated cardboard that fit to the sides and bottom.
Then cover the cardboard using an old faux suede duvet cover I no longer used. I used hot glue to secure it to the cardboard.

When cutting the cardboard take into consideration
the front and back wall should go in place first.
Then the side walls, this will help hold the front and back
walls in place. Finally the bottom goes in pushing
against the 4 walls. Along the top edge you can now
run some hot glue behind the walls to hold them in place.

  • Front and back wall cut to full size of your trunk.
  • Cut side walls smaller to account for the front and back wall cardboard thickness.
  • Cut bottom smaller all the way around to account for the 4 walls thickness.
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